Apple blocks Java plug-in again

The latest version of Java is now on the OS X plug-in block list. Apple is referring to a newer version of Oracle that is not currently available.

Apple blocks Java plug-in again

Apple has updated the Xprotect anti-malware system built into OS X. The update prevents using the Java plug-in up to the current version 7 update 11 (, as MacGeneration noticed.

When running Java content, Safari refers to the blockage and recommends obtaining a newer version from Oracle's website - there is currently no update available for download. As a new minimum requirement, Xprotect lists version

At the beginning of January, a dangerous vulnerability in Java became public, as a result of which Apple also blocked the Java plug-in in version 7 update 10 - a few days later, Oracle finally released a patch with version 7 update 11. Last Tuesday, a security researcher pointed out that bypasses the newly introduced protection function of the Java plug-in. (lbe)

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