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The Hackers Punk is funded by donations from readers. Participate and create a standing order.

The Hackers Punk and the accompanying forum were, are, and should remain independent. I need your support for this because I consciously refrain from commercial offers (paywalls, advertising banners, etc.) and user tracking. This independence has its price. That is why I depend on your commitment in order to be able to provide you with information that no one else provides, and I have time for extensive research/analysis/security research.

Anyone who has been following the Hackers Punk for a long time knows:

  • I address topics that others do not dare to speak out, and I am unconditionally committed to IT security and data protection.
  • You are, of course, free to support my work with your commitment. In the following, I have a few suggestions for you.

Your commitment helps!

  • Spread the word

If you like the posts, then share them with your friends, acquaintances, and fellow human beings. Use social networks, forums, messengers, emails, or simply the next celebration/event.

  • Bank Transfer

Would you like to make a voluntary donation? A direct transfer to the account below does not incur any additional fees and is done in a short time:

Owner: Branden Murray
IBAN: DE07500310001089606090
Bank: Triodos Bank
Note: I am particularly happy about standing orders. With a small monthly donation of $ 10, $ 15, $ 20, or more, the Hackers Punk blog can continue to grow, and I can spend more time on posts.

Cash donation [Anonymous]

You are also welcome to send me a cash donation - anonymously, without a sender. Please send it to the following address:

Branden Murray
P.O. Box 11 08 25
76058 Huber Heights, OH


You can also donate the digital currency Bitcoin:
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Donation barometer

Donors with standing orders: approx. 780
Monthly donations: approx. 1350, - $
Highest monthly donation with standing order: 40, - $
Most common monthly donation amount: 6, - $
Highest one-time donation in the past month (no standing order): $ 250
Status: 10/01/2021

Financial contributions in the form of donations are voluntary, non-refundable, and are properly taxed as income. No donation receipts or invoices with recognized sales tax are issued.

Thank you for your support!