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Cybersecurity Researchers & Security Writers

Branden Murray - Cybersecurity SOC Analyst with experience in QRadar, Resilient, ArcSight, Splunk, Darktrace, PhishER, Mimecast, and Service Now, working on the 24/7 Protective Monitoring Organization in Glasgow.

Cody Harris - Computer Forensics Analyst, Speaker & Part-time Hacker. He voluntarily writes and brings the latest Threat Intelligence news from the IT security world.

Daniel Garbuglio - Certified Security AnalystHands-on experience on AWS, Microservices, Java, MySQL, and Spring Boot. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology.

Eduardo Celia - Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in information technology and Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics. in Digital Forensics & Information Security from National Forensic Sciences University. Focused on Digital Forensics & information security.

Gabriela - Certified Penetration Tester and Information security professional with over seven years of experience. Well-versed in information security knowledge related to computer and network security, Digital Forensics, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, cryptography, and other cybersecurity domains.

Data Scientists and AI Researchers

Achraf Merzouki - Master’s Student at the University of San Francisco in Data Science.

Amy Vu-Tran - Bachelors in computer science. I was currently working on data science projects with expertise in machine learning, deep learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization and natural language processing.

Adam Smith - Data engineer at Salesforce with a passion for performance. His main areas of expertise are within data-intensive applications, improvement of the process.

Andrew Morris - NLP, Sentiment Analysis, NLU, NER, Transformers Summary, Voice Authentication, Probiotic Patterns and many more. Also, have 5+ experience with SPSS and other analysis tools.

Elena Boiarskaia - Data Scientist and Astrophysicist (PhD). Researcher in Data Science for Earth and Space sciences.

Ana Castro - Junior Biostatistician in clinical research interested in data science, graphical design and optimistic nihilism.

Eric Senzig - GDE in Machine Learning, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Technical Writer, OSS, Advocacy.

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